About me

My name is George Nanos. I come from the beautiful island of Rhodes,Greece.

Since I was a kid I was fascinated with animals, mostly reptiles and arachnids. In 2004 I got my first Tarantula, an adult female Grammostola rosea that I still have. After some time, I found a mature male and I tried to breed them. The breeding was successful and the feeling amazing! Then, I realized what a great hobby it is and how happy it can make you.

After this, slowly my collection got bigger and more breedings took place. During the past year I have been concentrated more on keeping and breeding Theraphosa stirmi. Now I am keeping 15.33.50 of them. Slings.semi, subadults and adults. About half of the subadults I am keeping are from my own breeding in 2011.

In this website I am going to keep notes of  current and future breedings. Hope you enjoy it!