Theraphosa stirmi 2016-2017 breeding

Unfortunately,this year was by far my worst year for breeding…lost some gravid females,bad sacks and molted mated females.Right now i have a small egg sack L2 stage and a new sack that will know soon if its good.The only good thing is that now i still have some fresh molted females,3 mature males and lots of time.So hopefully things will get better soon.

So far:

Female no19: 29/11/17 Mated-M.no5 1x insert.

Female no16: 8/6/17-Mated-M.no4 1X insert. 3/12/2017 eggsack.

Female no3: 29/8/16 Mated-M.no2 1x insert. 30/10/16 Mated-M.no1 1x insert.

Female no2: 15/1/17 Mated-M.no3 1x insert. 13/4/17 Mated-M.no4 1x insert.

Female no22(cb): 1/3/17 Mated-M.no4 1x insert. 3/5/17 Mated-M.no3 1x insert.

Female no4: 15/2/17 Mated-M.no3 1x insert.   19/3/17 Mated-M.no2 1x insert. 7/17 BAD eggsack

Female no18: 1/3/17 Mated-M.no3 1x insert. 13/4/17 Mated-M.no2 1x insert. 16/8/17 eggsack

Female no13: 4/8/17 Mated-M.no5 1x insert.

Female no26: 3/5/17 Mated-M.no3 1x insert?.  8/6/17 Mated-M.no2 1x insert.

Female no17: 16/9/17 Mated-M.no5 1x insert

Female no14: 5/11/17 Mated-M.no4 1x insert.

Female no5: 3/12/17 Mated-M.no6 2x inserts.

Female no6: 9/12/17 Mated-Mno5 1x insert.




You can see photos of breedings in the Gallery

*Last update 11/12/2017