Theraphosa stirmi 2015-2016 breeding

 Theraphosa stirmi 2015 Breedings

2015 started good.I allready have 6 mature males.3 of them are from my own breeding,late 2011 and the rest of them are  wc ’14.

All 3 cb males had their ultimate molt when they reached 10th molt.
In the next couple months 4-5 more males should be mature too.
About 15 wc females are fresh molted and ready to breed and in the next 5-6 months 11 cb’11 Females should also be ready to breed,plus some more wc’s.
So far:

Female no16: 8/3/15 Mated-M.no1 2x inserts.   20/5/15 Mated-M.no4 1x insert. 27/8/15 Mated-M.no7 1x insert.
Female no17: 25/2/15 Mated-M.no1 1x insert ?   20/5/15 Mated-M.no1 2x inserts.  2/8/15 Mated-M.no5 1x insert. 23/10/15 Made egg sack infertile.
Female no19: 8/3/15 Mated-M.no2 1x insert ?   7/5/15 Mated-M.no1 1x insert.  2/8/15 Mated-M.no7 1x insert.  26/8/15 made an egg sack! Fertile.
Female no14: 25/3/15 Mated-M.no1 2x inserts.  20/5/15 Mated-M.no6 1x insert.  18/7/15 mated-M.no7 1x insert. 13/10/15 Made egg sack Fertile.
Female no1: 25/3/15 Mated-M.no2 1x insert. 1/11/15 Molted. 21/11/15 Mated M.no3 1x insert. 14/12/15 Mated-M.no3 1x insert? 16/1/16 Mated-M.no7 1x insert. 15/6/16 made egg sack. Fertile.
Female no2: 20/4/15 Mated-M.no4 1x insert.    20/5/15 Mated-M.no5 2x inserts.   14/6/15 Mated-M.no7 2x inserts. 18/7/15 Mated-M.no5 1x insert. 12/15 Molted. 10/1/16 Mated-M.no7 1x insert.
Female no12: 20/4/15 Mated-M.no5 1x insert  14/6/15 Mated M.no5 2x inserts    11/8/15 Mated-M.no8 1x insert. 17/9/15 Found egg sack Fertile.
Female no7: 20/4/15 Mated-M.no3 1x insert.    20/5/15 Mated-M.no7 2x inserts   11/8/15 Mated-M.no5 1x insert. 20/10/15 Found egg sack Fertile.
Female no4: 7/4/15 Mated-M.no4 1x insert.   14/6/15 Mated M.no4 1x insert    11/8/15 Mated-M.no6 1x insert.   23/8/15 Found an egg sack. Fertile.
Female no5: 7/5.15 Mated-M.no5 1x insert.   14/6/15 Mated-M.no8 1x insert 27/8/15 Mated-M.no8 1x insert. 4/11/15 made an egg sack. infertile.

Female no8: 7/6/15 Mated-M.no4 1x insert   2/8/15 Mated-M.no6 1x insert   11/8/15 Mated-M.no4 1x insert.
Female no11: 7/6/15 Mated-M.no6 1x insert 27/8/15 Mated-M.no4 1x insert ?. 28/9/15 Mated-M.no7 1x insert. 8/12/15 Mated-M.no6 1x
Female no9: 7/6/15 Mated-M.no8 1x insert.     14/6/15 Mated M.no6 1x insert. 28/9/15 Mated-M.no8 1x insert. 3/12/15 Mated-M.no7 1x insert.
Female no6: 7/6/15 Mated-M.no9 1x insert.  2/8/15 Mated-M.no8 1x insert.  5/9/15 Found an egg sack! Fertile.
Female no20: 18/7/15 Mated-M.no3 1x insert.  11/8/15 Mated-M.no1 1x insert ? 3/12/15 Mated-M.no8 1x insert.
Female no3: 18/7/15 Mated-M.no4 1x insert. 27/8/15 Mated-M.no9 1x insert. 28/9/15 Mated-M.no6 1x insert ?

Female no15: 24/11/15 Mated-M.no7 1x insert? Molted 11/15. 10/1/16 Mated-M.no8 1x? 26/6/16 Found an egg sack.

Female (CB1): 24/11/15 Mated-M.no6 1x insert.

The results from 2015 breedings until now, 324 Theraphosa stirmi slings.Female no15 ate the eggsack at day 31.(It’s worth to mention that the day she ate the sack my air contition unit broke and the temperatures gone very high.Was 32C+ night time when i came back from work.She destroyed her burrow,ate the sack and was looking for an exit.Also that day 4 of my CB adult females died…)

You can see more photos of breedings in the Gallery

*Last update: 3/10/16