Theraphosa stirmi 2014 Breeding

2014 I mated 6 females Theraphosa stirmi. I used 3 different males.

4 females laid an egg sack.3 fertile and 1 infertile.

Female no1: 14/3/14 Mated with Male.no3,3/4/14 Mated with Male.no2,26/6/14 she laid an egg sack.Fertile.
Female no2: 9/4/14 Mated with Male.no2,14/4/14 Mated with Male.no1,25/4/14 Mated with Male.no1,25/5/14 Mated with Male.no2 She didn’t have an egg sack.
Female no3: 5/4/14 Mated with Male.no1,14/4/14 Mated with Male.no2,25/5/14 Mated-M.no3,13/09/14 Mated with Male no.3,23/10/14 I found an egg sack.Fertile.
Female no4: 14/3/14 Mated with Male.no2,17/4/14 Mated with Male.no3,18/8/2014 she laid an egg sack.Fertile
Female no5: 18/3/14 Mated with Male.no2,17/4/14 Mated with Male.no2,25/4/14/ mated with Male.no2,17/10/14 I Found an egg sack.Infertile.
Female no6: 16/4/14 Mated with Male.no3,12/10/14 Mated with Male no1. She haven’t made an egg sack yet.

Here are some photos of this year’s breeding.More photos in Gallery