Theraphosa stirmi 2016-2017 breeding

Unfortunately,this year was by far my worst year for breeding…lost some gravid females,bad sacks and molted mated females.Right now i have a small egg sack L2 stage and a new sack that will know soon if its good.The only good thing is that now i still have some fresh molted females,3 mature males and lots […]

Theraphosa stirmi 2015-2016 breeding

 Theraphosa stirmi 2015 Breedings 2015 started good.I allready have 6 mature males.3 of them are from my own breeding,late 2011 and the rest of them are  wc ’14. All 3 cb males had their ultimate molt when they reached 10th molt. In the next couple months 4-5 more males should be mature too. About 15 […]

Theraphosa stirmi 2014 Breeding

2014 I mated 6 females Theraphosa stirmi. I used 3 different males. 4 females laid an egg sack.3 fertile and 1 infertile. Female no1: 14/3/14 Mated with Male.no3,3/4/14 Mated with Male.no2,26/6/14 she laid an egg sack.Fertile. Female no2: 9/4/14 Mated with Male.no2,14/4/14 Mated with Male.no1,25/4/14 Mated with Male.no1,25/5/14 Mated with Male.no2 She didn’t have an […]